Designing for People not 'Users'

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“User-centred design” is often flawed by a limited focus on those primarily interacting with technology. The impact and experience of technology beyond the primacy of “use” needs to be baked into the process.

- Sebastian Greger

If one thinks about it,  'Users' has a strange connotation : it sounds austere, cold and impersonal. Designing for 'People' should always be the focus in Design.  I personally like design that caters to Audience members, Active participants and most of all Humans. 


Design and the New Experience Economy

As Design Evolves, we must refocus our attention to the Emerging 'Experience' Economy. 

In his recent UX Mag article, “Proactive Experiences and the Future of UX,” Costa writes: “In the past, creating a great customer experience meant presenting information and functionality to customers in a usable, efficient, and enjoyable manner. That’s no longer the case … Technology is evolving from a productivity tool into an enabler for how we live our lives and interact with the world around us. [With this shift in usage], our expectations and desires evolve as well, placing more demands on the devices and experiences we make an integral part of our lives.”