H+ Digital Series is an online TV series that allowed audience members to navigate through all the various show content through innovative content timelines and Media formats.



Various assets from Warner Brothers TV was analyzed and Interaction created to ensure consistency from the Broadcast
experience to the overall User experience for the online channel.


Branding elements were studied and translated from Broadcast elements to Online elements.


User Journey Maps were created to understand how users would engage with the overall experience. 



Designs of the Online experience.


The show consisted of simultaneous narrative storylines that were occuring at the same time globally.  
The episodic TV content was embedded into the storylines of the Online experience and shifted depending on user interactions.
The non-linear storytelling aspect of the show was reflected in the Interactive timeline used for the web experience.


 It allowed audiences to Interactively engage with various Media content items through the timeline and to be able to
view content through various filters ( episodic / chronologic / etc. ) 



The Channel was primarily published to Youtube but audiences could access the same content through the Web experience as well. The Designs were reworked to fit new episodic content and help drive engagement through cross-referenced content
via the customized Youtube player.