Armani beauty + Megan Fox is a full 360 digital campaign that leveraged key
social media channels and viral videos to maximize engagement.




The eyes are windows into the soul. They open portals into a person's being. One can say that accentuating the eyes, one can tap into  the basic instincts that draw one person into another. The origins of 'Mascara' comes from the Italian word 'maschera' or 'mask'.

The Concept for the 'Eyes to Kill' campaign was to reinforce these notions of attraction, seduction, reveal and blindness. By applying mascara, one can say that they are applying the 'mask' of seduction. The paradoxical play between seeing and drawing someone in with your eyes was the main thrust of the campaign Art Direction and elements. 

Video was a prime medium in the campaign that created seductive strategies to increase engagement. 

Moodboards were created to help define the various Design elements. 

Screen Shot 2016-10-01 at 9.24.22 PM.png

Researching the Digital Landscape and ecosystem of the brand was also analyzed before any Design process was implemented. 


Social Media Strategy was groomed to help understand how to maximize deployment of Media across various channels.


Pre Buzz, Buzz and various Launch strategies were developed.





The web mini-site was situated within the larger Armani Beauty website and integrated with their other channels to help
increase visibility for the campaign and drive commerce.



Key trailer teaser storyboards were generated to provide a sense of movement in the video assets.


Making of videos were implemented alongside campaign elements to showcase BTS footage.


Videos were wrappered into various promos in a revealing way to help drive engagement.


Beauty Tips were a major section incorporated into the Design to help generate recurring content engagement.

Screen Shot 2016-10-01 at 9.23.56 PM.png

Offlline retail Installations that showcased the product also helped reinforce interaction with the Brand and Campaign.


Key Social Platforms were used as a drivers for promos, updates and Viral video content.


Viral Videos were generated and implemented across the Armani Beauty Youtube channel.




Different promos were tested, Social and Viral Videos were catered to user interaction and Media strategies reconfigured
to maximize continual engagement across all channels. 

GiorgioArmaniBeauty-youtube_testing copy.jpg